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I will make you fisher's of men

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--------------------Christian Movies--------------------

King of Kings

Jesus 1979 

Gospel Road

The Passion Of The Christ

Jesus 2002
Close To Jesus

Joseph The Step Father

Mary Magdalene



Gospel Movies


St. Peter


The 10 Commandments

The Apocalypse

-------------------- Muslim Content--------------------
"The angels said, "O Mary, God gives you good news of a Word from Him.
His name is THE Messiah, Jehoshua, son of Mary,
Well esteemed in this world and the next,
 and of the nearest"
Quran Surah ----3:45----
 And He will teach them
 the Scripture,
And wisdom,
and the Torah,
and the Gospel
I've had some question whether Muslim content should be on a Jehoshuite site.
Please get a Quran  Text a or Android app and read the book
We take the premise that Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was a Jehoshuite.

Messenger of God

Legacy Of A Prophet

Waging Peace

-------------------- Muslim Series--------------------

Reflections On Islam Islam Reconsidered Let The Quran Speak Call of the Minaret 

------------------------------------------Science and Testimony---------------------------------------
A Witness and Some Universal Arguments for Creation
Our premise is "Creation, Proves a Creator and His Character"

Molokai -
Story of Father Damien
Case For A Creator Intelligent Design
Darwin's Dilemma

Unlocking theMystry
of Life
The Privileged

Others. Here We take the premise that if it is true love, it is from God. Find the love and build upon it.
Insight Into Sikhism | Reflections of Hinduism

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LLUC | Pioneer Memorial
3ABN | Hope TV
Heritage Singers
These are some websites containing above content
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